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Conclusion, 14 Closing Thoughts

Edited By: Lars Kjølbye

From: Antitrust and Patent Law

Alan Devlin
Edited By: Lars Kjølbye (Consultant editor)

From: Oxford Competition Law (http://oxcat.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2021. All Rights Reserved.date: 15 January 2021

European Union — Copyright — Licensing — Rights — Technology transfer agreements — United States

This chapter summarizes the book’s main themes and presents some final thoughts. This book explored the restraints that a patentee may lawfully impose on its licensees; the circumstances in which a patentee must license its technology; limits on patent procurement and aggregation; when a patent owner loses antitrust immunity in filing suit; and how owners of standard-essential technologies may wield their patents. Further, it considered market definition in the technology space and how competition policy and the patent system interact at a theoretical level. While no book can capture every nuance of the antitrust–patent relationship, let alone convey every detail potentially relevant to practising law in this fascinating area, the hope here is that students of competition law in the new economy will find valuable insights in this book and seek to pursue the subject at a deeper level.

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