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The Foundations of European Union Competition Law - The Objective and Principles of Article 102 by Nazzini, Renato (1st December 2011)

List of Abbreviations

From: The Foundations of European Union Competition Law: The Objective and Principles of Article 102

Renato Nazzini

From: Oxford Competition Law (http://oxcat.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 02 July 2020


  • AAC

    average avoidable cost(s)

  • AC

    average costs(s)

  • AFC

    average fixed costs

  • AR

    average revenue

  • ATC

    average total costs(s)

  • AVC

    average variable cost(s)

  • CAT

    Competition Appeal Tribunal (UK)

  • CCAT

    Competition Commission Appeal Tribunal

  • CSR

    corporate social responsibility

  • DoJ

    Department of Justice (US)

  • DRAM

    dynamic random access memory

  • DTI

    Department of Trade and Industry

  • ECHR

    European Convention on Human Rights (in full, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms)

  • ECSC

    European Coal and Steel Community

  • Euratom

    European Atomic Energy Community

  • FTC

    Federal Trade Commission (US)

  • ICN

    International Competition Network


    long-run average incremental cost(s)


    long-run average total cost(s)

  • MC

    marginal cost(s)

  • MR

    marginal revenue

  • OECD

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • OFT

    Office of Fair Trading (UK)

  • SMEs

    small and medium-sized enterprises


    short-run average total cost(s)

  • TC

    total cost(s)

  • TEU

    Treaty on European Union

  • TFEU

    Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union


  • CLJ

    Cambridge Law Journal

  • CLP

    Current Legal Problems

  • (p. xviii) CML Rev

    Common Market Law Review

  • Comp Law

    Competition Law Journal

  • EBOR

    European Business Organization Law Review

  • ECC

    European Commercial Cases

  • ECLR

    European Competition Law Review

  • EIPR

    European Intellectual Property Review

  • EL Rev

    European Law Review

  • ELJ

    European Law Journal

  • ICLQ

    International and Comparative Law Quarterly

  • Ind Org Rev

    Industrial Organization Review

  • Intl J Ind Org

    International Journal of Industrial Organization

  • Intl Rev IP & Comp L

    International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law

  • J Comp L & Econ

    Journal of Competition Law and Economics

  • JL Econ & Org

    Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

  • LIEI

    Legal Issues of Economic Integration

  • Mich L Rev

    Michigan Law Review

  • NYU L Rev

    New York University Law Review

  • OJLS

    Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

  • Rev Econ Stud

    Review of Economic Studies

  • Rev Econ & Stat

    Review of Economics and Statistics

  • Rev Ind Org

    Review of Industrial Organization

  • SMU L Rev

    Southern Methodist University Law Review

  • Stan L Rev

    Stanford Law Review

  • U Chi L Rev

    University of Chicago Law Review

  • Minn L Rev

    Minnesota Law Review

  • YEL

    Yearbook of European Law