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Article Archive

Below is a list of feature articles that have previously appeared on the Oxford Competition Law homepage.

“Leapfrog Appeal” for Antitrust Litigations in China by Ken Dai (April 2019)

The principle of relative responsibility for harm in the Directive 2014/104/UE by Dr Enrique Sanjuán (April 2019)

Availability Of The Passing-On Defence In Private Antitrust Litigation In Spain by Manuel Contreras (March 2019)

Overview of bid-rigging enforcement in Bulgaria (2008-2018) by Eleonora Mateina (March 2019)

Strengthening of Competition in the Oil Industry in Greece: Lessons Learned from the Wholesale Segment by Michael Polemis (February 2019)

Alstom-Siemens Merger Prohibited: Championing the European Antitrust Mindset by Dr. Aurelien Portuese (January 2019)