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Combatting Corruption and Collusion in Public Procurement: A Challenge for Governments Worldwide

Robert D. Anderson, Alison Jones, William E. Kovacic


This book considers why corruption and collusion continue to undermine public procurement processes despite national and international efforts to combat them. It also makes proposals for reforms aimed at combatting these practices and helping countries to defend the integrity of their public procurement systems. It examines why public procurement processes are especially prone to distortion by corruption and/or collusion, the harm these practices cause, the basic frameworks that countries adopt to limit the scope for corruption and supplier collusion in their public procurement systems, and how the effectiveness of these foundational frameworks can be optimized, strengthened, and bolstered to ensure that they achieve their objectives and are not prevented by weaknesses within them. Recognizing that, even if they may embody common elements, the challenges of implementing and embedding an effective system vary across jurisdictions; subsequent chapters go on to examine the particular contexts of, and make proposals for reform in, seven discrete jurisdictions, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine, and Canada. It concludes by drawing together the book’s overall findings and reform proposals and highlighting some core points relating to the general and jurisdiction-specific discussions. An overarching theme includes the real need in all states to recognize the pervasive nature, and high risk, of corruption and collusion impacting public procurement, and the necessity to hone and develop public procurement systems routinely to counter the compelling incentives for such conduct, to block opportunities for it, and to encourage compliance with relevant laws.

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Robert D. Anderson, author

Alison Jones, author

William E. Kovacic, author

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