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European Union Law of State Aid, 3rd Edition by Bacon QC, Kelyn (19th January 2017)

Note on Citation

Kelyn Bacon

From: European Union Law of State Aid (3rd Edition)

Kelyn Bacon QC

This text uses the post-Lisbon Treaty numbering of articles of the TFEU. When the text includes a direct quotation from a judgment or other document that predates the Lisbon renumbering, the new article number is substituted, in square brackets, for the original number.

It has not been possible to replace all case-law references with the new neutral citation numbers used by the European Court. A hybrid approach has, therefore, been adopted. The neutral citation numbers are used for all judgments from 2012 onwards, and all previous judgments that were not reported in the European Court Reports (ECR) series. For pre-2012 judgments that were reported in the ECR, the relevant ECR reference is given.

Commission decisions taken following a formal investigation procedure are published in full in the Official Journal (OJ). In those cases, the OJ reference is given where available. Where the decision has not yet been published in full, the case number and date of the decision are given. Where the Commission closes a case following a preliminary examination of the notification or complaint, only a summary of the decision is published in the OJ, with the full text (now usually accompanied by an English or French translation) published on the Commission’s website. In such cases, the case number and date of the decision are given rather than the OJ reference, since these details will enable the reader to search for the decision on the Commission’s website. Commission decision names are abbreviated where necessary.

Where a case or decision referred to in a footnote has already been cited in the immediately preceding footnote, an abbreviated reference is given. Where reference is given in a footnote to both to a General Court judgment in a case and, on appeal, to the CJEU judgment in that case, the case name for the CJEU judgment is omitted.(p. xii)