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Latvia takes over EU Council Presidency

Latvia takes over EU Council Presidency

On first of January 2015, Latvia took over the presidency of the EU Council, and for the next six months will lead and coordinate member states’ work. The presidency is an opportunity for every member state, regardless of its size or length of membership, to influence the EU agenda and guide EU endeavours for half of the year.  

The basic principles for Latvia’s Presidency will be involvement, growth and sustainability, and a competitive, digital and engaged Europe. These principles will be applied in the development of the Presidency’s work programs and priorities, as well as in building up culture and communication programs.

These principles align with the 2015 European thematic year, which is dedicated to development cooperation. Development cooperation is the provision of assistance to poor and less developed countries, by contributing to their long-term social and economic development while reducing poverty and ensuring peace in the world.

Shortly before taking over the Presidency of the Council of the EU from Italy, the official website of the Latvian Presidency was launched – EU2015.LV. The website will provide the latest news from the Latvian Presidency, live broadcasts from events, practical information, as well as introduce Latvia and tell its story. Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma introduced the website, saying, ‘We are proud to hold the Presidency because we believe that being part of the European family makes us more prosperous and safer’.

EU2015.LV, the ‘home’ of the Presidency, will be a dynamic platform that not only contains key information but also acts as a digital business card for Latvia in the European Union. Read more on Latvian MEPs expectations for the presidency.

The Presidency organises and provides leadership to the EU Council, COREPER (Permanent Representatives Committee), and working group meetings. During the Presidency around 200 events at different levels will be organised in Latvia and around 1500 meetings will be held in Brussels and Luxembourg.

From July 2015, the EU Council presidency will move to Luxembourg.

Read a sample Latvian case report on OCL.

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